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MARCH 28TH, 2020

As of today March 28th, 2020, we're still operating! As earlier explained (see below) our pigments selection will be limited to only our most popular. It won't really effect things as alot of customers don't order pigments like banana... We are working towards a solution to providing our popular HDWB, but as of today we don't have that specific product available. 

Here's a list of products that won't be available. 

HDWB - Waterborne Epoxy

Any epoxy kit size smaller than a 3 gallon kit (Quart kits, 3/4 Gallon kits, 1.5 Gallon kits etc.) This includes CLEAR100, HDPRO, PRO100. 

Epoxy and urethane pigments are also limited and a new color list will become available shortly. We still have light gray, med gray, charcoal gray, black, safety and traffic yellow, tile red will be a bit darker in color.

CF100 - 2 Gallon Kits only available. 

Fast Set Polyurea: Not available. 

We will have more information very soon, so please check this page regularly. 

MARCH 24TH, 2020

As of today March 24th, 2020, Spartan Epoxies will remain open! We are taking safe, precautionary measures to ensure our employees are safe and are working in a healthy environment. To maintain a safe environment we must limit the kit sizes available. We cannot sell any epoxy smaller than a 3 gallon kit. We will not sell HDWB Epoxy Primer PREPIGMENTED at this time due to the nature of how it's made and packaged. However we can sell HDWB CLEAR. If you have purchased HDWB PIGMENTED from us know that we will contact you with instructions on how to apply HDPRO High Solids Epoxy Primer. Our colors will also change a little bit. From epoxy, urethane and the selection of our metallic pigments will be updated throughout our website. Starting March 25th we will only be able to sell 12oz metallic pigments and only our popular colors. See the list below of metallic colors available. 

The following 12oz metallic pigments will be in stock and ready to purchase as of March 25th:

Pearl, Great White, Dolphin, Manatee, Whale, Caviar, Guava, Sandbar, Rum, Shipwreck, Sandal, Americana, Coral, Caribbean, Maui, Ocean, and Azure. 

March 23, 2020
Spartan Epoxies recognizes the growing concerns of COVID-19 for our customers, employees, suppliers, family and friends. Our goal is to maintain a safe and healthy working environment which could mean that shipments will be delayed. We are closely monitoring COVID-19, so that we can determine the best objective moving forward.

Delivery and Lead Times
We are determined to stay on schedule, there will most likely be short delays as we work thru the logistics of this difficult time. Please check this page daily for more information about your orders status as this page will be updated regularly.