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How to get a specific Metallic Epoxy Look

How to get a specific Metallic Epoxy Look

By: Spartan Epoxies - 23 Jan -

So you've seen something online or maybe in person. Now you're ready to start your metallic epoxy project, and you're wondering "how did they do that"? 

You get specific looks by using specific metallic powders. The most confusing thing for our customers is the base color. The base color is the primer and will show through slightly. It’s used to provide a minimal enhancement of your metallic colors. The metallic pigments are how you achieve a certain look. Let's say you saw a photo of a countertop online like the image seen in this post. 

To get the look of that photo, you can choose a dark gray / black base color. Then use 2 metallic pigments. Your predominant metallic color will be Manatee, the highlight color will be Whale.  If you're wanting to really pop the highlight color, you could use a special order metallic pigment, and that color is called Caviar. It's the darkest metallic pigment we offer in our special order metallics. 

Here's a link to our standard metallic pigments: https://www.spartanepoxies.com/metallic-pigments?product_id=89

Here's a link to our special order metallic pigments: https://www.spartanepoxies.com/metallic-pigments?product_id=105

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