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Spartan Epoxies Traffic Deck Systems are easy to install, single component polyurethane coatings that provide superior waterproofing protection and durability. These elastomeric coating systems are able to bridge substrate cracks and are flexible in cold temperatures. They can stand up to the sun’s UV rays, the polyurethane topcoat provides excellent UV resistance. Additionally, the use of the aggregate allows slip resistance for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Spartan Epoxies offers several different systems for use in different traffic environments that can be applied over plywood or concrete decks. Pedestrian Traffic Deck Systems can be applied over concrete or plywood decks in areas with light to moderate foot traffic.

Heavy Duty Pedestrian Traffic Deck Systems are applied at a higher mil thickness to meet the demands of heavy foot traffic areas. These systems provide more durability. Heavy Duty Traffic Systems are designed to stand up to heavy vehicular traffic while protecting parking decks from effects of water, freeze-thaw cycle, environmental conditions and most chemicals from vehicles.