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  • SL100 Self-Leveling Epoxy Resurfacer

SL100 Self-Leveling Epoxy Resurfacer

SL100 is a two component plus aggregate colored 100% solids epoxy recoatable, high gloss, abrasion resistant flooring system that can withstand impact and thermal shock. RECOMMENDED FOR: Recommended for a high build resurfacing for traffic ...
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SL100 is a two component plus aggregate colored 100% solids epoxy recoatable, high gloss, abrasion resistant flooring system that can withstand impact and thermal shock. 

Recommended for a high build resurfacing for traffic areas where a seamless floor is desired Epoxy Mortar is a heavy duty, troweled floor topping that can be used to patch or resurface concrete, metal, and wood floors. These systems are typically used to resurface older, damaged concrete or to protect new concrete in high traffic, abusive industrial facilities. Mortar products offer higher impact resistance and greater compressive strength than concrete. These floor systems are extremely durable, resistant to wear and tear, and can withstand a wide range of chemicals.

CURE SCHEDULE (70 Degrees F)

Pot Life (1 ½ Gal. Vol.): 30-40 minutes
Tack Free (Dry to touch): 6-8 hours
Recoat or Topcoat: 6-14 hours
Light Foot Traffic: 14-24 hours
Full Cure (Heavy Traffic): 2-7 days

The mixed material can be applied by a serrated squeegee at the recommended thickness, then back roll (very lightly) with a conventional roller tool. If necessary, backroll the material with an air release roller. Maintain temperatures and relative humidity within the recommended ranges during the application and curing process

Application Temperature: 50-95°F with relative humidity below 90%. When the R.H. exceeds 70%, let the material induct for 2-5 minutes before applying (remix before using) 

SOLIDS BY WEIGHT: 100% (liquids mixed without aggregate)
SOLIDS BY VOLUME: 100% (liquids mixed without aggregate)
VOLATILE ORGANIC CONTENT: Zero pounds per gallon
STANDARD COLORS: Mortar color matches for Light gray, red, black and green
RECOMMENDED FILM THICKNESS: 1/16” applied with a special serrated squeegee
COVERAGE PER KIT: A 1.45 gallon kit will yield 65-85 square feet
PACKAGING INFORMATION: 1.45 gallon kit (1 gallon and 0.45 gallons part B plus 20# aggregate) 15 gallon kits available also.
MIX RATIO: 9.35# (1 gallon) part A to 3.65# (0.45 gallon) part B and 20# mixed aggregate (volumes approximate)
SHELF LIFE: 1 year in unopened containers
FINISH CHARACTERISTICS: Gloss (70-95 at 60 degrees)
ADHESION: 360 psi @ elcometer (Concrete failure, no delamination)
HARDNESS: Shore D = 83
GARDNER VARIABLE IMPACTOR: 100 inch pounds direct – passed
ABRASION RESISTANCE: Taber abraser CS-17 calibrase wheel with 1000 gram total load and 500 cycles= 40 mg loss
VISCOSITY: Mixed = 3000-4000 cps with aggregate (typical)
DOT CLASSIFICATIONS: Part A “not regulated” Part B “CORROSIVE LIQUID N.O.S., 8, UN1760, PGIII”
HEAT DEFLECTION TEMP: 144.5 degrees F, ASTM D648
PRIMER: Recommend HDWB / HDPRO / FLEX or any of our Primers. For more information ask your Spartan Sales Rep.
TOPCOAT: For improved chemical resistance or UV stability HPU, TC92, or any of our pigmented urethanes. (Roughen surface before applying a topcoat to insure proper adhesion)