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Return Policy 

You must pay to ship products back to us. We will deduct the *cost of shipping plus a 25% restocking fee once order has been shipped. If you cancel your order within 48 hours / or it hasn't left our facility then there is no charge. If you requested a hot rush, then you must cancel within 12 hours, the 25% restocking fee will be enforced plus shipping cost. If you plan on returning your order, you must ship each kit in it's original packaging, both Part A and Part B must be together, unopened, and not damaged. No partial orders will be accepted for return. Part A and Part B of a kit is 1 product. We do not accept parts of kits as we can not resell the product. The products must me unopened, in their original packaging, and have no blemishes or dents on the cans. You must ship the products back letting UPS know that the products are hazmat. You can not send the products back in unmarked boxes as this is illegal and very dangerous. If you ship hazmat products back in unmarked boxes no refund will be given. Sorry no exceptions. For urethanes and polyaspartics we do not offer a return policy as the shelf life is half of epoxies. NO RETURNS AFTER 5 DAYS. Sorry no returns for custom flake orders. If you deny shipment, you will need to pay for the shipping to come back to our facility. Custom flake orders are custom and we can't resell them and that is the reason we do not accept returns for custom flake orders. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Always put your lids back on your empty cans, and save them in case you claim issues. This will keep the left over epoxy in a suitable state for our chemists to test.

*If you received free shipping we will conduct research and charge you the exact price we were charged to ship your order or specific product.