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Should I Buy a Top Coat (clear coat)?

In most cases yes. Since there's so many circumstances that require or that we recommend you apply a top coat, I'll just tell you the situations that you can get by with not applying a top coat... Basements, since basements have light foot traffic we can safely tell you that you get to decide on this. If you're applying metallic epoxy in your basement (very popular), then if you want to pocket the cash for now, go ahead and purchase the metallic epoxy or solid color epoxy that you need. Later you can apply a top coat by simply removing the gloss with non directional screen. If you're just not sure what to do, shoot us an email using our contact for or give us a quick call. We promise we won't try to sale you but simply educate you so that you can make the best decision for your situation. 

Which Top Coat (clear coat) is best with your Metallic Epoxy?

We have several Top Coats that we feel work great for Metallic Epoxy! HDI is a 1 component moisture cured urethane and as far as durability it ranks in out top 10 urethanes. It's super easy to apply, but it does have a very strong smell. If this is a business where you have employees or customers, then you may want to wait to apply either after hours, or close down for a couple days. We would recommend applying 2 coats of HDI. Remember to apply the opposite direction on your second coat, which ensures you don't miss any areas and it will also prevent you from rolling lines into the coating. If this is a home, block your cold air returns, ensure you have ventilation, leave the home for a couple days, or choose another urethane product. We offer many low VOC top coats and they are all industrial grade. A few things to know about HDI. CA residents, due to the VOC contents of this product California laws do not allow us to send it to you. If you live in an area with little to no humidity like Arizona, then we recommend choosing another product. HDI is cured by the moisture in the air. If there is little to no humidity, HDI will not cure properly. 

The next top coat we recommend is TC92. Our competitors top coats produce an orange peel texture, which takes away from the look of metallic epoxy. With TC92, you will get a slight texture. Another great element is that TC92 was designed as a 1 coat system! Which means you save time and money on buying a second coat! Choose between satin finish or high gloss. If you can't decide, don't worry! With TC92 it comes with Part C, so you can always decide later! If you want a satin finish, then simply add Part C in! TC92 is a very easy top coat with a nice long working time. Around 1.5 hours. TC92 can also be pigmented, and it's the urethane top coat that we recommend for warehouses that have skid loaders with solid rubber tires running on it all day! Now that's what we call industrial grade! View all of our top coats by clicking here.  Remember, when applying most urethane top coats the thinner you apply the stronger and longer lasting they will be. Typically 3 to 5 mils, using a high quality 3/8" nap roller. We sell all of the tools that you need, so don't chance buying the wrong roller covers. Have a Spartan consultant build you a cart with exactly everything you need to have a successful application. 

How Much Does Metallic Epoxy Cost?

Spartan Epoxies makes it easy to see our prices right on our website. If you know your square footage, simply go to the size kit that's you need! To answer the question, metallic epoxy price depends on your square footage. If you have under 1000 sq ft, the price is typically $2 per sq ft. Over 1000 is considered bulk which we can give you great discounts and that price is typically $1.75. Please keep in mind this price doesn't reflect tools or a urethane top coat. We will beat anyones price! 

Know that when you order from Spartan Epoxies, you're getting 100% American made epoxy. No tricks either. Our raw materials are harvested here, with the safest, and our intentions are always to keep our planet as clean as possible. We have polices in place to protect our environment and our employees. 

Here's direct link to our kits, in case you're having trouble finding them:

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What Happens Once I Order, and How Long Will it Take to get?

When you place an order with us, your products go into our product queue, which ensures you get the freshest epoxy and urethane products as humanely possible! Every single order is made fresh no matter the size of the order. The most important information you should know is that epoxy and urethanes have a shelf life. Epoxy has a year shelf life, and urethanes typically have 3 to 6 months. By making every order fresh, this ensures that our customers don't get cheated out of their shelf life period. Our pledge to you, the freshest American made coatings to your door as fast as possible, with the highest, professional, knowledgable, customer support available. 

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What type of flooring does Spartan Epoxies offer?

We offer an array of epoxy / resin flooring systems! From Novolac systems (chemical resistant), aerospace flooring, auto service centers, retail / commercial flooring, warehouse floors, restaurant flooring, Metallic Epoxy, ESD systems (Anti-Static) and so many more! Need help with your epoxy flooring project? Give us a call, or request a quote using our RFQ form here.

Best material to make samples, test, or practice on…

I’m a installer and I would like to make samples. What type of material should I use? MDF, you can find a sheet of MDF at your local hardware store. Make sure you get a thick enough size so that it’s not flimsy. 1/2” works great. You only need to make a 2 ft x 2 ft piece for samples. You can buy the 2x4 sheet, and cut it in half or just buy the 2x2 sheet. 

How do I know if my concrete has Moisture vapor?

Theres a few ways to test for moisture vapor problems. The quickest way is to take a piece of 2 ft x 2 ft plastic and duct tape it to your concrete. Wait overnight, check the next morning, if there is any condensation on the plastic then you need to proceed with a calcium chloride test. Depending on the size of your floor, you should at least get 2 tests possibly 3. So that you can test other areas of the concrete. If you have moisture problems, Vapor Pro epoxy sealer can help control moisture emission rates up to 20lb per inch for 24hrs.

I have new concrete that's perfectly flat with no cracks or imperfections. Do I still need to prep?
This is a common misconception. The answer is yes. All concrete no matter how new or old must be prepped. Concrete has what we call the "Creme" on the surface. Gravity plays a big part in this process at the time your concrete was poured. Since water can move through pretty much the smallest of spaces, the water in your concrete during installation always comes to the top. While gravity pushes the heavy material down, water comes thru the concrete, when the water comes to the top to evaporate, it creates the creme. The creme of the concrete has very little pores and if your concrete was finished or brushed it nearly has no pores at all. So as the water is pushed to the top of your concrete and the concrete begins to cure while the water begins to evaporate it leaves behind a fine layer that we call the creme. Just like icing on a cake.