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Request For Quote (RFQ)
Do you have a large epoxy flooring project? We've made it simple to request a quote using the form on this page. You can also call us directly if it's during regular business hours. The form helps you as well so that you can gather information such as the square footage of your project, and which system you plan on applying.

Quote Request Form

For State VOC laws and Shipping Quote
For State VOC laws and Shipping Quote. Both State and Zip are required fields.
Select Desired Resinous Flooring System
Animal Care Facility, Firehouse, Auto Service Center, Chemical Manufacturing, Food Processing plant, Paper Mill, etc...
We need to know how many spikes, squeegees, roller covers and roller frames to provide in quote.
If you're not sure, visit one of the kits to review our available colors. For flake systems you have the choice of the epoxy color and the flake colors. For metallic epoxy let us know what color primer and what color metallic pigments. If you're not sure, just type "Not Sure".