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Grow Room Epoxy Flooring

Catapult your cultivation with our super reflective, USDA certified, high performance resinous flooring systems specifically designed for Cannabis Facilities.

It's simple to build your own epoxy solution for your grow room floor! Or you can give us a call and a Spartan Epoxies Expert will build the perfect kit for your specific need. 

To create your own grow room flooring epoxy kit pick the following: 

1. PRIMER: Choose from HDWB or HDPRO

2. MIDCOAT: Choose HDPRO or PRO100. Keep in mind HDPRO can be used as a primer and midcoat. The benefit is speed of application along with achieving a chemical bond as you will only wait 45 to 1 hour between the first coat of HDPRO and the second coat of HDPRO. You can also simply go with 1 coat of HDPRO and move on to your topcoat. If you have concrete that has a lot of cracks, spaulding, etc then applying a PRO100 as your midcoat is recommended. You can apply PRO100 from 50 sq ft to 125 sq ft depending on the need of your application. HDPRO can be applied at 267 sq ft per gallon to 133 sq ft per gallon. 

3. TOPCOAT: Currently we only have HPU as a topcoat. However, HPU is an amazing product as it's a non-yellowing aliphatic urethane. We recommend choosing a white pigment as that color brilliantly reflects maximum light.

Remember we are here to help. Let our epoxy experts guide you through the entire application process. Give us a call to get custom solution along with a quick quote.