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Garage Floor Epoxy Kit - High Solids System (3 Car Garage)

Covers a 3 Car Garage. 600 sq ft (133-267 sq ft/gal @ 6-12 mils)Includes HDPRO - High Solids epoxy system. It's industrial grade and the standard for professionals across the country. Easy to apply, long lasting, durable, uv resistant, and stron ...
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Covers a 3 Car Garage. 600 sq ft (133-267 sq ft/gal @ 6-12 mils)

Includes HDPRO - High Solids epoxy system. It's industrial grade and the standard for professionals across the country. Easy to apply, long lasting, durable, uv resistant, and strong enough for fork trucks in warehouses or military vehicles in million square feet department of defense facilities. This system is versatile and can be applied at 6 mils or 12 mils. We recommend applying at 12 mil using a squeegee, but there are options for a prime coat, then a 12 mil coat of HDPRO. See more details below.

Top Coat is not included in this kit. You have 2 choices at this time within this kit. Choose between a 2.25 gallon kit of our WBG Top Coat (2 part), or a 1 gallon kit of HDI Top Coat. Our HDI Top Coat is a 1 component system and is moisture cured but has some smell to it. 

Epoxy Included in our 3 Car Garage Kit:

• 4.5 Gallons of HD-PRO (Commercial Grade / High Solids Epoxy) (1.5 Gallon kit sent inside of the 6 gallon bucket that contains roller frame, roller cover, chip brush, etc.) 3 Gallon kit sent in it's own box. 

Broadcast Options

• Partial: 5 lbs *Note: 5 LBS Included in this option. Use as little or as much as you want to get your desired look. 

• Medium: 20 lbs 

• Heavy: 35 lbs

• Full (broadcasted until rejection): 70 lbs

Priming Options: 

Upgrade your epoxy system with the following options:

1. HDWB - Waterborne Epoxy Primer @ 6 mils / 267 sq ft per gallon

Industrial grade and at the perfect viscosity, HDWB is Low VOC and easy to apply. Mix Part A and Part B, pour in a paint tray, then dip and roll with a 3/8" nap roller. Make it a fast application by purchasing the following in our tools section. 21" Paint Tray, 18" Roller Frame, 18" 3/8" Nap Roller cover, and a few 3" chip brushes for those hard to reach areas. 

2. HDPRO - High Solids Epoxy System @ 6 mils / 267 sq ft per gallon. Industrial grade, Low VOC, high solids epoxy system HDPRO has a little less working time than HDWB, and the difference with HDPRO as a primer is that you will need to pour on the concrete after mixing Part A and Part B. Then spread with a flat speed squeegee. After HDPRO is spread, simply back roll using a 3/8" nap roller cover. If you want to add HDPRO as your prime coat, and you need a tool list, you will need an 18" frame, 18" flat flexible speed squeegee, 18" 3/8" nap roller cover, and a couple 3" chip brushes for cut ins. 

Tools Included in This Kit:

• Mixing Tool for Drill (Drill not included)

• 9" 1/4" Nap Roller cover - 1 Per Kit

• 9" Roller Frame

• 2" Paint Brush

• 6 Gallon Mixing Bucket

• 1 Pair of Vinyl Gloves

•  Easy Step by Step Application Instructions

Tools NOT Included in This Kit, but recommended for an easier application:

• 18" Speed Squeegee (notched 8-12mil) - Highly Recommended for Faster Installation Time and to Ensure Proper Thickness. (See Instructional Video)

• 18" 3/16" Nap Roller cover for HDPRO @ 12 mils (back rolling after spreading with the 8 to 12mil speed squeegee).

• 18" Flat Squeegee - Choose This Option if you are familiar with using a Flat Squeegee or you are applying HDPRO as a prime coat at 6 mils thick.

• Gunite Spiked Shoes - Necessary to Install Epoxy 

If you are purchasing a prime coat and a urethane consider which tools you will need. Here's a quick list to help you. 

1. 21" Paint Tray

2. 18" Frame

3. 18" Flat Flexible Speed Squeegee (prime coat if HDPRO)

4. 18" Roller Covers - 3/8" for HDWB and urethane top coats. 

You cannot apply epoxy without 3/4" spiked shoes and most hardware stores do not carry this specialty item. We recommend that you purchase them from our website. One size fits all, and they strap to your shoes/boots. You can purchase them within our tools section here, or purchase them within this kit.

(*NO CA) / If you see this next to the option that means we cannot ship to residents of California. 
We offer a variety of urethane top coats. HDI is one of our most popular urethane top coats because of the price, superior durability, and the ease of application. However it has a very harsh smell during the application process. This urethane is not California VOC compliant and we cannot ship this product to residents of California because of the strict policies of CA VOC laws. 

THE GOOD NEWS FOR CA RESIDENTS / customers needing a LOW VOC top coat.
Spartan Epoxies offers several choices for residents in California or customers that need a LOW VOC top coat. If you need assistance, please give us a call, start a chat, or email us at 

Here's a list of LOW VOC urethanes that we offer:

1. WBG - Waterborne Urethane Low Gloss.
Often times people think that since it's a waterborne product that the quality won't be the same as a NON VOC product. This simply isn't true! We use special formulations to ensure that our customers receive the highest grade product possible! Since there is a need due to a variety of situations such as VOC laws, applications where the business closes one half of the facility and keeps the other side open during flooring renovations, and even for the customer applying epoxy with an attached garage, a basement, or a floor inside the home. There has been a need for coatings that have little to no smell for decades now, and Spartan has always led the way. So feel confident that WBG will handle the toughest of flooring situations!

2. TC92 - Is a High Wear 3 component urethane top coat. (If Available / In Stock)
You can choose to leave part C out and that will provide a glossy finish, or add it into the Part A and B and you will get a satin finish. TC92 is designed to be applied as a 1 coat application. 

If you are looking for a faster set polyaspartic urethane you can visit this link. If you are new to applying polyaspartics, please see HP44, or PC66.   Professionals see PC85 here. 

For questions regarding any of our coatings please email us at, use our contact form or give us a call at 1-877-288-1952 dial #1.