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  • WB Sealer PRO - Water Based Acrylic Sealer

WB Sealer PRO - Water Based Acrylic Sealer

WB Sealer PRO / SPE-SP is a one component water based acrylic sealer that offers excellent resistance to water blushing without the objectionable solvent odors associated with solvent based sealers. This product has a fast set time and good ...
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WB Sealer PRO / SPE-SP is a one component water based acrylic sealer that offers excellent resistance to water blushing without the objectionable solvent odors associated with solvent based sealers. This product has a fast set time and good stain resistance. A great alternative to your warehouse floor to prevent from dusting. Recommended for sealing concrete or cement.  Do not use in immersion service or constant chemical exposure areas. Can be used as a decorative concrete sealer. 401-534 square feet @ 3-4 mils wet thickness

SOLIDS BY WEIGHT: 25% (+/- 2%)

SOLIDS BY VOLUME21% (+/- 2%)


COLORS AVAILABLE: Available in a clear only

RECOMMENDED FILM THICKNESS: 3-4 mils wet (0.5 – 1.0 mils dry)

COVERAGE PER GALLON: 401-534 square feet @ 3-4 mils wet thickness

PACKAGING INFORMATION                              

This product is available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers. (volumes approximate)

MIX RATIO: One component product, simply stir before using

SHELF LIFE: 1 year in unopened containers

ABRASION RESISTANCE: Taber adrasor CS-17 calibrase wheel with 1000 gram total load and 500 cycles = 80 mg loss

IMPACT RESISTANCE: Gardner Impact, direct = 50 (passed)

FLEXIBILITY: No cracks on a 1/8” mandrel

ADHESION: 395 psi @ elcometer (concrete failure, no delamination)

VISCOSITY: Less than 200 cps (typical)




tack free (dry to touch)………………………...………… 1-2 hours

recoat or topcoat.....…………………………………........ 2-4 hours

light foot traffic...……………………………...…….........3-5 hours

full cure (heavy traffic)... ………………………………....2-3 days


60-100 degrees F with relative humidity below 85%


REAGENT               RATING

Gasoline 1

Brake fluid 1

Used motor oil 5

DI water 5

Rating key: (film damage) 1 = severe -> 5 = no damage.


REAGENT               RATING

Kool-Aid 10

Mustard 10

Chocolate 10

Ketchup 10

Coal Tar 2

Rating key: 10 = excellent stain resistance -> 0 = no stain resistance.

PRIMER: None required.

TOPCOAT:  None required. Multiple coats of this product are compatible.


1) PRODUCT STORAGE: Store product in an area so as to bring the material to normal room temperature before using. Continuous storage should be between 60 and 90 degree F. Keep from freezing.

2) SURFACE PREPARATION: Surface preparation will vary according to the type of substrate. For a one or two coat thin build application (3-8 mils wet) we recommend either mechanical scarification or acid etching until a suitable profile is achieved. All dirt, oil, dust, foreign contaminants and laitance must be removed to assure a trouble free bond to the substrate. A test should be made to determine that the concrete has an appropriate vapor barrier. This can be done by placing a 4’X4’ plastic sheet on the substrate and taping down the edges. If after 24 hours, the substrate is still dry below the plastic sheet, then the substrate does not show signs of eventual hydrostatic pressure problems that may later cause disbonding. However, this product can be applied to a damp floor as long as there are not standing puddles.

3) PRODUCT MIXING: This product should be stirred well before using. Mix with slow speed mixing equipment to avoid introducing air into the material.

4) PRODUCT APPLICATION: The material can be applied by brush or roller. Maintain temperatures and humidity within the recommended ranges during the application and curing process.

5) RECOAT OR TOPCOATING: If you opt to recoat this product, you must first be sure that all of the solvents and water have evaporated from the coating during the curing process. The information on the front side are reliable guidelines to follow. However, it is best to test the coating before recoating. This can be done by pressing on the coating with your thumb to verify that no fingerprint impression is left. If no impression is created, then the recoat or topcoat can be started. Always remember that colder temperatures will require more cure time for the product before recoating can commence. We do not recommend any coatings be placed over this product except multiple coats of this product itself. 

6) CLEANUP: Use Soap and Water

7) FLOOR CLEANING: Caution! Some cleaners may affect the color of the floor installed. Test each cleaner in a small area, utilizing your cleaning technique. If no ill effects are noted, you can continue to clean with the product and process tested. 

8) RESTRICTIONS: Restrict the use of the floor to light traffic and non-harsh chemicals until the coating is fully cured (see technical data under full cure). It is best to let the floor remain dry for the full cure cycle. Dependent on actual complete system application, surface may be slippery, especially when wet or contaminated; keep surface clean and dry.